Agility in carrying out your operations in the main currencies of the world

Foreign exchange transactions are settled in up to 48 hours and are a type of foreign exchange operation without credit risk. Are made for payment of imports, financial remittances abroad and or for receipts of Brazilian exports or receipts of financial remittances, we use the best banks with the best rates and expertise of the team and agility in operations.
Our operation has a portfolio of products and services capable of providing more convenience and security for companies that need support for Foreign Trade operations such as Export and Import.

With the ZHYCRON exchange service, your company can carry out transactions in the main currencies being traded worldwide. All this with a specialized team ready to answer your questions.

ACC = Advance on Exchange Contract, for Goods not shipped and Services to be performed. It is a foreign currency financing that the exporter can request from the Bank in up to 100% of the value of its sales of goods or Services previously contracted abroad.

ACE = Advance on Foreign Exchange Delivered, referring to the export of goods shipped or Services performed. It is a Financing in foreign currency that the exporter can request from the Bank up to 100% of the value of the shipping documents for the export of Goods or Services carried out.

Best Export Services

Melhores Serviços de Importação

Import Letter of Credit (L/C):

It is a bank guarantee linked to the commercial operation, issued in favor of the Exporter abroad to guarantee the shipment of goods and the payment of these. The shipping documents must comply with the terms of the Import Letter of Credit.

Stand By L/C Issuance:
Financial Bank Guarantee, issued in favor of beneficiaries abroad, which will guarantee: international bids, services to be provided, regular payments for goods shipment or advance payments.

Import Financing is a type of financing to the Brazilian Importer in foreign currency, for a period of up to 360 days from the date of disbursement, that is, from the payment in cash to the exporter abroad, this type of financing allows the Importer a longer period for settlement obligations and greater flexibility in its cash flow.

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